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Employers usually pay attention and concentrate more on monetary incentives as a primary solution for employee retention even though that is a short-sighted assumption and employees consider less intangible aspects for the job as important and motivating Nelson, Training and development helps in acquiring knowledge base and in application of developed knowledge.

Leadership can be described as a primarily action as an input to team to enrich for process and performance, focused on the importance of functional leadership in teams Day, Gronn, Salas, Training and development in any mean is essential and substantial to any organization as it is beneficial for the employees and organization alike, one way of augmenting the training and learning process is setting up a virtual laboratory via interactive simulation Koh et al, How brilliance in action accountability looks like, and so will reflect positively of the attitude of managers and therefore will stimulate their subordinates to achieve not down from expectation Haneberg, Compensation can be referred as the package of quantifiable rewards received for the efforts put in by the employee and is also known as benefits Gomez et al, Referring to regression part, there is a significant and positive impact of training and development on performance of employees.

Research Design and Methodology The research based on quantitative is to statistically establish essential conclusion, and it consist of a group being studied by looking at a representative sample of the population Lowhorn, A good manager may even re arrange work schedule, change duties and responsibilities break down teams or reconfigure them and improve working environment to reach targets.

Hence, motivation helps an organization reach its goals faster because employees tend to work towards it as a result of motivation. The advantage of simulation system is that it replicates realism and has a substantial benefit such as learner engagement, safe space, and importantly improved motivation.

Once the bottom of the drawer sense it bumps into something such as Jamk 1237444488 5 of a wheelchair, it will stop moving automatically.

Trust is defined as per Mayer et al. The group had clearly focused to the point and understood the nature of assignment. As rewards and recognition are important factor which reflect positively on the performance of employees, it is recommended for managers and supervisor not to disregard such a critical element.

The reason for using questionnaire depends on the large number of data that can be collected at a lower-cost, Standardization of target group, easier to reach. For cleaning feet and toes, clients do not need to bend to clean if they have some limitation of posture. Simulation is used for engineering to help in project management analysis apart from health care and medical education as it gives training for critical care.

Simulation, due to its near real life experience boosts confidence and motivate them to approach any situation and apply the learning experience and excel in what employees do Kohet all, The soft skills allow maintaining a positive attitude towards employees, colleagues, and superiors.


The pan cover with a handle. Results and Discussion Regression is used as the analytical technique in this study. This contribute in motivating employees and building trust and these factors results in ensuring better efficiency and productivity thereby exponential growth potential and hence it is very much important to build efficient teams within organization for better prospect and for long term sustainability Buzzle.

C,Expectancy Theory of Motivation: Organizing an event of this size takes a lot of hard work and efficient project group. Many companies have reported that it is a challenge to identify talents train and develop them for a managerial position. O,Effect of Motivation on Employee Productivity: The business related representative's issues are sorted out and give a feeling of certainty and motivation among people.

Some new age factors specific to training and development have been further explored in the following review for better understanding: Taking initiative assist companies in anticipating the changes in the market place besides creating additional dynamic and energetic work environment.

To allow participants to understand and comprehend easier, the terms in the questionnaire should be familiar and simple to use and hence, the response will improve the validity and also for a higher degree of probability. We can design the marketing strategy for you and take care of developing it in future.

B,ways to reward employees.

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M,Strategic Human Resource Management: Definition of leadership referring to Yukl as the process of effectively influencing, and inspiring subordinates and colleagues to focus and direct their entire focus towards the target to accomplish by maintaining an absolute integrity and cooperation within the group by taking support from external support wherever possible and required to reach the final destination and target efficiently.

In addition our 10 co-operative companies and 83 teampreneurs have vast resources for creating new ideas. Non Availability of skilled employee results in lack of knowledge, skills and experience which will have a deep impact on the organization economically Omollo, Oloko, There is plenty of evidence to show that in the midst of competitive labour market, retaining a productive employee is a huge task as the hunt is always there to find and snatch from one organization to the other.

It is a nice tool for clients with sleeping problems.

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Armstrong proposed that the difference between allowance and pay is that allowance can be a pay for overtime or maybe adjustment towards increased cost of living, whereas the pay is the rate that could be hourly, monthly, or annually.

The computer-based training is required for employees in sourcing and material handling and stores as it helps to ensure better understanding of all production and service features and in maintaining higher level of work quality and standards.

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Remote access services. Most of JAMK’s IT-services are available when and wherever just by using internet browser with your personal account. For example O, Elmo-intra and workspaces work just fine with browser and connection is always encrypted.

For security reasons, some IT-services are not available from public internet and those. 5) To understand the need/reasons of non-monetary motivational factors. It is an informed/educated guess. The main objective of the study was to assess the extent to which non-monetary incentives motivates people.

Article in Press Research Paper THE IMPACT OF MOTIVATION ON EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE IN THE ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY IN CHINA Connie Bao FTMS Alumni, Master of Business Administration, School of Accounting and Business Management, FTMS Global Malaysia, Cyberjaya E-mail: [email protected]



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