Comparing finance motivation with non finance motivation

We do not want any initiative. Even through economic turmoil, there are two types of factors that influence employee motivation and satisfaction — nonfinancial factors and financial factors. This can be employed to promote a more positive organizational image.

Herzberg & Taylor's Theories of Motivation

Read this article to learn about Employee Motivation: Premium payments are also a form of financial compensation that are given as a recognition to employees who take on extra work or work in undesirable conditions. However, is money truly the sole motivator for most people today.

The Puzzle Of Motivation. The techniques may not be similarly useful in all types of concerns. Good pay and allowances help the organization to retain and attract capable persons. A major advantage of the equity theory - both as a characteristic of a company environment, and as a management theory of motivation - is that it can increase employee retention and loyalty.

There are several other motivational theories in business, or at least motivational theories that have been applied to business.

He explained in his book, "Work and the Nature of Man," how he came up with his theory and what it means: The most dominant need motivates an individual to act to fulfill it.

However, Alderfer also said that as higher-order needs are satisfied, they become more important and that under some circumstances individuals might be motivated to return to a lower need. The American business culture has always tacitly approved of this logic, offering huge bonuses to top executives in an effort to increase their performance.

Most companies do require an employee to pass a waiting period before they are eligible for educational reimbursement. Maslow's needs for hierarchy theory are given. Every person likes to work in a better organizational climate.

This could be an acknowledgement of job well done, a good sale, or a particular action that the employee did that benefitted the organization. Yet the consequence of such an assumption has been to overemphasize the importance of financial reward.

The Financial & Non-Financial Theories of Motivation

It may be rightly said that a broad grin wins the assent of the employees to motivate them towards their efficient performance.

Next in importance comes the good deed of praise and recognition - Who on earth does not have a wish to win praise. Vroom defined motivation as "a process that governs our choices among alternative forms of voluntary behavior," says Digital Learning Library.

This research considers the impact of the reward systems and programmes, monetary and non-monetary rewards, as a means of motivating employees to achieve organisations identified strategic objectives. The management can encourage healthy competition among the employees.

Verbal praise and positive feedback are also a form of non-financial compensation. Non Financial compensation which is not in the form of direct pay has great influence on employees motivation, performance and job satisfaction.

Time is as precious as money and that encouraged many employees to request for a flexible benefits like flextime, compressed work week, telecommuting, part time work, job sharing, modified retirement.

Non-financial data can provide the missing link between these beneficial activities and financial results by providing forward-looking information on accounting or stock performance.

Jun 29,  · The course’s content was a combination of intensive knowledge of statistics, econometrics, macroeconomics and finance theory, aiming to better understand hedge fund, its structures, trading strategy as well as its systematic risk exposures in order to measure and compare.

between non-financial rewards and employee motivation at Impact Marketing (K) Limited. In attempting to achieve the objectives of the study, a case study research design was adopted. HR Knowledge / Uncategorized / Financial And Non Financial Factors Influencing Employee Morale.

Financial And Non Financial Factors Influencing Employee Morale April 19, there are two types of factors that influence employee motivation and satisfaction – nonfinancial factors and financial factors.

There is a small but growing body of qualitative studies looking at motivation of health workers in developing countries that indicate the limitations of financial incentives on motivation and that reveal the importance of non-financial incentives [].

Comparing finance motivation with non finance motivation
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